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Technical Cases
Technical Cases

Cisco’s technical support is powerful. For all sorts of customers and organizations, Cisco can provide the smartest solutions and flexible services. There are various technical cases and examples below that you can read and learn.

Cisco Customer Case Studies

RegionTechnologyVertical IndustriesCompany SizeTitle
European MarketsVoiceFinancial Services1000+ Collaboration Boosts Productivity for Generali Group
US and CanadaContent NetworkingManufacturing1000+ IBSG: Tide Dry Cleaners (Procter & Gamble) Success Story
Asia PacificContent NetworkingService Provider1000+Oriental Cable Network Success Story
US and CanadaContent NetworkingTransportation1000+ Bombardier: Railway Transportation: An Industry Transformed
US and CanadaContent NetworkingManufacturing1000+ Virtual Experts Smooth Transition for Procter & Gamble Expats
Emerging MarketsSecurityGovernment20-99Protecting the Past and Defining the Future
US and CanadaNetwork ManagementManufacturing1000+Managing the CiscoLive 2009 Network
Asia PacificOpticalService Provider1000+ China Unicom's High-Capacity Optical Network Underpins Beijing Olympics
US and CanadaWireless and MobilityGovernment500-999Spokane Public Facilities District Case Study
US and CanadaWireless and MobilityEducation1000+Leading University Transforms Education
US and CanadaVoiceEducation100-499 School District Provides Multicampus High-Speed Wireless
US and CanadaWireless and MobilityEducation100-499 School District Provides Multicampus High-Speed Wireless
US and CanadaWireless and MobilityEducation1000+University Leads the Way in Media-Rich Mobility
US and CanadaWireless and MobilityHealthcare1000+Healthcare Provider Expands Nursing Home Mobility
European MarketsContent NetworkingEnergy, Utilities1000+ Endesa Pilots a New Paradigm in Telecontrol Networks
European MarketsContent NetworkingGovernment1000+ EDMER and Turkey Ministry of National Education (MoNE) Engagement Snapshot
Asia PacificContent NetworkingService Provider1000+ Shanghai Media Group Partners with Cisco on Digital Media Transformation Initiative
US and CanadaSecurityGovernment1000+Connecting First Responders - Video
Emerging MarketsContent NetworkingGovernment1000+ Saudi Arabia Invests US$70 Billion in Economic Cities Project
Emerging MarketsContent NetworkingHealthcare1000+ Kayseri EA Hospital Connects Health Information to Physicians and Nurses in Turkey E-Government Research and Application Center Pilot
Emerging MarketsContent NetworkingRetail1000+ Virtual Clustering and Collaboration Transform Turkey's Textile and Value Chain
Emerging MarketsVoiceAgriculture, Mining, Construction20-99Agribusiness Integrates Communications
Asia PacificConferencingBusiness Services43484Web Meetings Allow Firm to Establish Global
US and CanadaConferencingEducation100-499Podcast Case Study
US and CanadaConferencingBusiness Services1000+Podcast Case Study
US and CanadaConferencingEducation100-499Podcast Case Study
US and CanadaConferencingEducation20-99Podcast Case Study
Asia PacificConferencingFinancial Services20-99 Firm Qualifies More Client Leads with Online Meetings
Asia PacificConferencingBusiness Services20-99 Firm Transforms Global Customer Support with Online Meetings
Asia PacificConferencingHealthcare1000+ Pharmaceutical Company Boosts Productivity with Web Meetings
Asia PacificConferencingEducation1000+ Japanese Telemedicine Gains Momentum with Virtual Meetings
Asia PacificConferencingHealthcare43484 Healthcare Network Uses Online Meetings to Connect Providers
US and CanadaConferencingEducation20-99 Teachers Boost Test Scores with Virtual Tutoring (WebEx)
US and CanadaConferencingHealthcare1000+ Web Conferencing Drives Efficiency for Healthcare Technology Firm
European MarketsConferencingHealthcare1000+ Second Opinion Consultation Takes Place Online Using WebEx
US and CanadaConferencingEducation20-99 High School Expands Learning Opportunities by Going Online
Emerging MarketsConferencingInsurance1000+ Insurer Improves Agent Training and Gains Competitive Advantage
US and CanadaConferencingGovernment1000+ Public Agency Leads Green Movement by Taking Business Online - Video
US and CanadaConferencingHealthcare100-499Eye Care Software Provider Sees Training Surge
US and CanadaConferencingEducation1000+University Cuts $1 Million in Annual Travel Costs
US and CanadaConferencingManufacturing1000+ New B2C Launch Strategy Delivers Extraordinary Sales
European MarketsConferencingEducation1000+ Online Meetings Offer Eco-Charity Greener Way to Work
US and CanadaConferencingBusiness Services1000+Online Meetings Spur Growth at Software
US and CanadaConferencingHealthcare100-499 State Agency Turns to Online Training in Face of Budget Cuts
US and CanadaConferencingFinancial Services20-99 Software Developer Avoids Planes, Experiences Profit Gains
European MarketsConferencingEducation1000+ University Reaches More Students Online, Spending Less
European MarketsConferencingEducation100-499 Case Study: International HIV/Aids Alliance ( WebEx)
European MarketsContent NetworkingTransportation1000+ Cisco IBSG Helps Swiss Post Boost Salesforce Effectiveness
US and CanadaVoiceEducation500-999 Community Safety Means Integrated Collaboration - Video
European MarketsContent NetworkingRetail1000+ Heineken Extends Brand Equity with First "Experience Store"
European MarketsData Center, VirtualizationFinancial Services500-999Online Bank Secures Future Leadership
US and CanadaWireless and MobilityGovernment1000+ Enhancing Citizen Safety: Missouri Public Safety Integrates Communications - Video
US and CanadaSecurityGovernment1000+ Enhancing Citizen Safety: Missouri Public Safety Integrates Communications - Video
US and CanadaConferencingEducation20-99 National Environmental Education Foundation (WebEx)
US and CanadaData Center, VirtualizationManufacturing1000+ Technology Company Accelerates its Journey to Cloud Computing
US and CanadaData Center, VirtualizationManufacturing1000+ Technology Company Achieves RISC-to-Intel x86 Migration
European MarketsServerEducation1000+ TU Berlin uses Cisco UCS to lay foundations for cloud infrastructure
European MarketsServer Data Center, VirtualizationTransportation1000+ Galliker builds next-generation Cisco Data Center, Virtualization
European MarketsServerService Provider100-499Hosting Provider Implements Agile Infrastructure
European MarketsData Center, VirtualizationService Provider100-499Service provider can predict costs to the penny
European MarketsServerTechnology1000+Thales launches Cisco Unified Computing System
US and CanadaData Center, VirtualizationGovernment1000+ California Department of Water Resources Collaborates Securely with Outside Organization
US and CanadaData Center, VirtualizationGovernment1000+ City of St. Paul Centralizes Storage to Reduce Costs
European MarketsServerService Provider20-99KYBERNETIKA 
US and CanadaData Center, VirtualizationHealthcare1000+ CareCore National Cures Growing Pains with Private and Public Cloud
European MarketsData Center, VirtualizationService Provider1000+ LLB in Germany Automates Data Storage with Unified Fabric
US and CanadaServer Data Center, VirtualizationHospitality100-499 JW Marriott Transforms Guest Experience Through Technology
US and CanadaServerHealthcare100-499 MDI: Equipped for Success with Healthcare Technology Solutions on Cisco UCS, VMware, and NetApp
US and CanadaServer Data Center, VirtualizationTechnology100-499Walz Group Moves to Private Cloud
US and CanadaData Center, VirtualizationFinancial Services1000+Jack Henry Associates Improves Business Continuity
US and CanadaServer Data Center, VirtualizationTransportation1000+ Break Infrastructure Barriers With Cisco UCS - Video
US and CanadaServer Data Center, VirtualizationEntertainment, Media1000+ Arena Provides Great Guest Experience and Maximizes Revenues
Asia PacificData Center, VirtualizationFinancial Services1000+ SeABank, Vietnam, Improves Customer Service and Expands Operations
European MarketsData Center, VirtualizationFinancial Services1000+ SNS Reaal, Netherlands, Accelerates Telework with Cisco WAAS Mobile
European MarketsData Center, VirtualizationTechnology43484Atlanta Technology Optimizes Infrastructure
US and CanadaData Center, VirtualizationEducation1000+ Apollo Group, Inc. Creates Highly Scalable Architecture with Nexus Platform
US and CanadaServerFinancial Services100-499 Princeton Insurance Increases Flexibility, Strengthens Competitive Edge with Private Cloud
US and CanadaServerEducation1000+ School District Provides Next-Generation Learning to Students
Greater ChinaServer Data Center, VirtualizationEducation1000+ The Chinese University of Hong Kong transforms their IT infrastructure with Cisco Data Center Business Advantage Architecture
Greater ChinaServer Data Center, VirtualizationEducation1000+ The Chinese University of Hong Kong transforms their IT infrastructure with Cisco Data Center Business Advantage Architecture
US and CanadaServerGovernment1000+ City of Mesa Streamlines Data Center, Virtualization Operation to Improve Services
US and CanadaData Center, VirtualizationService Provider20-99 Cervalis Builds High Performance Data Center, Virtualization with Nexus Platform
European MarketsData Center, VirtualizationFinancial Services1000+ UBS, Global Financial Services Leader, Migrates to Next-Gen Application Delivery
US and CanadaData Center, VirtualizationService Provider100-499 OpSource Builds Secure Public Cloud for Mission-Critical Applications
US and CanadaServerService Provider1000+ Hay Group and IPR International jointly built private cloud services on Cisco UCS
US and CanadaData Center, VirtualizationHealthcare1000+ Wellmont Health System Prepares for More Physician Order Entry
US and CanadaStorageHealthcare1000+ Wellmont Health System Prepares for More Physician Order Entry
US and CanadaServer Data Center, VirtualizationHealthcare1000+ Healthcare Company Accelerates Deployment of New Services
US and CanadaStorageHealthcare1000+ Healthcare Company Accelerates Deployment of New Services
European MarketsServerEntertainment, Media1000+Mediapro Grows Revenue from Internet Streaming
US and CanadaServerTechnology20-99 LaSalle Solutions moved its mission-critical asset management service to Unified Computing System C-Series Servers.
US and CanadaServer Data Center, VirtualizationTechnology1000+NetApp Builds Highly Scalable Testing Cloud
US and CanadaData Center, VirtualizationTechnology1000+ NetApp Virtualizes Data Center, Virtualization Applications
US and CanadaServer Data Center, VirtualizationGovernment1000+ State of New Mexico created a secure multitenant environment with Unified Computing System and Nexus platform - Video
US and CanadaServer Data Center, VirtualizationEntertainment, Media1000+ Tribune Company transforms business with Data Center, Virtualization Business Advantage - Video
US and CanadaData Center, VirtualizationManufacturing1000+Improving Solution Performance - Video
Emerging MarketsData Center, VirtualizationFinancial Services1000+ Using Data Center, Virtualization to Accelerate Growth
Emerging MarketsSwitchingFinancial Services1000+ Using Data Center, Virtualization to Accelerate Growth
Emerging MarketsSecurityFinancial Services1000+Integrating Banking Operations
Emerging MarketsNetwork ManagementManufacturing100-499Stationery Firm Improves Customer Service
Emerging MarketsVoiceManufacturing100-499Stationery Firm Improves Customer Service
Emerging MarketsNetwork ManagementRetail1000+ Investing in the Future without Capital Expenditure
Emerging MarketsVoiceRetail1000+ Investing in the Future without Capital Expenditure
Emerging MarketsRoutingHospitality100-499Events Organizer Modernizes for Growth
Emerging MarketsSwitchingHospitality100-499Events Organizer Modernizes for Growth
Emerging MarketsData Center, VirtualizationService Provider1000+Saudi Telecom Company
Emerging MarketsNetwork ManagementEducation1000+Bringing Educational Excellence
Emerging MarketsRoutingEducation1000+Bringing Educational Excellence
Emerging MarketsSecurityEducation1000+Bringing Educational Excellence
Emerging MarketsSwitchingHealthcare500-999Delivering Smarter, More Effective Healthcare
Emerging MarketsWireless and MobilityHealthcare500-999Delivering Smarter, More Effective Healthcare
Emerging MarketsNetwork ManagementEducation500-999New University Manages Rapid Growth
Emerging MarketsVoiceEducation500-999New University Manages Rapid Growth
Emerging MarketsNetwork ManagementRetail1000+Retailer Prepared for Market Expansion
Emerging MarketsUnified CommunicationsEntertainment, Media500-999Building Services Around Guests and Spectators
Emerging MarketsWireless and MobilityHealthcare1000+Medical City Prioritizes Network Security
Emerging MarketsRoutingFinancial Services1000+IP Video Surveillance Improves Bank Efficiency
Emerging MarketsVPN ServicesHealthcare100-499Building Borderless Networks
Emerging MarketsSwitchingHealthcare100-499Building Borderless Networks
Emerging MarketsData CenterService Provider1000+ New data centre platform gears mobile operator for future
Emerging MarketsUnified CommunicationsHealthcare1000+Accelerating e-Health and Telemedicine
Emerging MarketsUnified CommunicationsManufacturing1000+ Cisco Collaboration Solutions provides TASNEE with oasis of financial and operational advantages.
Emerging MarketsSecurityRetail100-499Retailer Modernizes Communications
Emerging MarketsUnified CommunicationsHospitality100-499 South African Hospitality Supplier Upgrades Call Handling