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    Cisco Enterprise Wireless: Built for a Digital World


    Cisco Enterprise Wireless: 
    Built for a Digital World

    As the wireless workplace becomes more commonplace, network administrators need to re-think their network and solve for the end-to-end experience. Companies that move into this modern era need to recognize that there will be more users, more traffic and more IoT devices all connecting to their network. How do network administrators address these complex issues?
    With an intent-based network from Cisco, your network grows more intuitive every day because it is informed by context and powered by design. Cisco’s wireless solutions are an integral component of intent-based networking, delivering the ability to simplify operations and proactively manage the network, as well as provide security throughout. From the IoT to a growing inventory of applications, a Cisco® wireless network provides always-on access and the performance to make sure your devices and applications won’t slow down.
    A Cisco wireless network is built for a digital world delivering a secure, scalable wireless architecture that is easier to deploy and manage. Whether you are a large enterprise or a small to medium-sized business, Cisco Enterprise Wireless can grow alongside your business.

    The Cisco Wireless difference
    • Cisco Catalyst 9100 Series Access Points are the APs needed to take care of the demand of increased data traffic. Supporting the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard, these access points address your current and forthcoming network needs
    • Cisco DNA Center brings the vision of intent-based networks to life by enabling a single touchpoint that abstracts network complexity through analytics and automation
    • Cisco DNA Assurance provides a 360-degree view of all devices in the network and allows IT to go back in time and resolve network issues
    • Cisco SD-Access provides a consistent policy across your wired and wireless deployments
    • Cisco Catalyst® 9800 Series Wireless Controllers are powered by Cisco IOS XE which supports advanced security capabilities such as Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA). These wireless controllers keep your network always-on through seamless software updates, enabled by hot patching. Whether on-prem, in public / private cloud or embedded on a switch – Catalyst 9800 has multiple scale options to best meet your organization’s needs
    • The Cisco and Apple partnership optimizes the user experience of those with Apple devices through features such as Fast Lane and rich client insights
    • Cisco High Density Experience (HDX) alleviates strain on high-volume wireless networks, including 802.11ac networks
    • Flexible Radio assignment provides a better user experience by automatically adapting to changes in a high-density network
    • Cisco Hyperlocation solution, now embedded in the Cisco Aironet® 4800 Access Point, pinpoints Wi-Fi device locations for customer engagement and advanced security applications
    • Cisco’s innovative, custom-built access points are designed for highdensity environments and maintain the client experience while protecting airwaves from wireless attacks and interference using features such as Cisco CleanAir®

    How Wireless helps industries
    Although every industry and organization is different, everyone needs a reliable wireless network. Cisco wireless solutions help these industries and organizations by providing a robust, reliable wireless network to achieve their goals. 

    Those in healthcare count on a dependable and strong wireless solution to help:
    • Connect caregivers and staff to information they need, when they need it
    • Enhance patient visits by providing navigation, notifications, and high-quality access for patients and guests
    • Boost productivity and streamline staff workflows while being able to locate equipment faster to deliver better care 

    Those in retail require a stable and powerful wireless solution to:
    • Win customers with hyper-relevance and the ability to provide them with the right information at the right time
    • Deliver the new retail experience and build loyalty with content that relates to customer needs
    • See more with real-time analytics and understand what customers want, to keep them coming back
    • Offer an omnichannel experience so customers can shop how, when, and where they want with Wi-Fi 

    Wireless is important to education because it:
    • Allows digital learning with an essential platform for today’s schools, allowing students to learn anywhere on any device
    • Helps ensure student safety by creating a more secure environment for students and staff
    • Improves student engagement through personalized learning, which helps improve outcomes for students
    • Provides high-quality mobile access throughout your campus via improved network performance

    Cisco Wireless LAN solutions: World-class Wi-Fi made simple
    Increased reliance on wireless by users, applications, and IoT devices means that IT needs to manage a growing, complex network more efficiently than ever before. Encompassing everything from access points to controllers to simplified automation, location, and analytics, Cisco’s industry-leading wireless portfolio and solutions make your wireless network fast, reliable, and secure. This advanced network allows IT to unlock the power of data and grow while still having time to take on the new IT projects that set your company apart from your competitors.

    Cisco Wireless LAN services
    Cisco Services for wireless and mobility delivers unmatched expertise, networking insights, industry-leading best practices, and innovative tools to effectively migrate, adopt, accelerate deployment, and securely manage your wireless solutions. We help you transition to advanced wireless or mobility solutions by enhancing your network’s performance with a full lifecycle of advisory, implementation, optimization, technical, managed, and training services. Our team of experts identify architectural gaps to improve the reliability, security, and resiliency of your wireless network while reducing risks costs, complexity, and disruption for desired business outcomes. Learn more contact us.